San Lorenzo County Park

This week, we went to San Lorenzo County Park, which is just outside of King City, CA. This is a great, full hookup spot that the kids really loved!

The spots themselves are pretty good size and there are a ton of mature trees so there is plenty of shade in most of the sites. We did have some pretty terrible neighbors, who were using their driver’s side trailer tires as their urinal, but aside from that, there is plenty of space.

All of the spots are pull-through, so this is also a good option for those newbie RVers who haven’t had a lot of time to practice backing in their trailer. They also accommodate virtually any sized rig. We are just under 33′, but we saw some big Class As, Toy Haulers, and giant 5th Wheels too, so you won’t have a problem getting in.

They also have tons of availability. We were there for Labor Day and we only booked about a week in advance and there were still plenty of spots left. We also checked in a few off-weekends and the place was never booked, so this is a good one to keep in mind for last-minute trips where you just want to get away!

One of the really cool things about the place is that it is VERY family and kid friendly. They have a lot of space to ride bikes and there were a ton of families there appreciating life. There are 2 big playgrounds that the kids really enjoyed, a horseshoe pit, and a bunch of grass and ponds all over.

They also allow pets, and we were able to bring all of our dogs, which is rare for us because we have 3 dogs and 1 is a pittie and the other is a German Shepherd, so when we aren’t getting nailed for having too many dogs, we usually get dinged for our breeds. Getting to bring the WHOLE crew was a lot of fun, and we got to save some $$ on house sitters to boot!

The other awesome feature they have is an agriculture and irrigation museum, so they had a ton of old farm equipment and tractors on display and we enjoyed checking out all of the old stuff! They do tours of the museums, but I think you need to check in with them in advance for that. We just did our own thing and enjoyed exploring all over the property!

The campground is also very close to town and there is a dollar tree and a grocery store nearby, which is awesome in case you forget something or need to restock on anything. A couple of friends were there as well and although we didn’t join them, they went out and did some wine tasting at some of the nearby wineries, so there is also stuff to do out in town if you are coming for an extended visit!

Other than that, we had a lot of fun riding bikes, playing with the puppies, smoking a delicious brisket, and splashing around in the kiddie pool that we brought with us. Got to meet some fellow members of the Rockwood RV Club and that was a lot of fun to get to put some faces to some names–if you have a Rockwood, we highly recommend joining as there are a ton of amazing people in there and ZERO drama!

Ultimately, this one gets a big thumbs up! We had a lot of fun, the sites are nice, you can bring the whole fam, and the staff is on point. We got out there in the Rockwood 2706ws and made some more quality memories with the ones that matter most, and THAT is #WhyWeWork! See you on the next adventure!!

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