Wheeler Gorge in Ojai, CA

This time, we took our Rockwood 2706ws down to Wheeler Gorge, which is located just outside of Ojai, CA. There aren’t any hookups, so you have to bring everything in with you, but it’s only $25/night and you can dump at Lake Casitas for $10 on your way back out of town!

This is a dry camping spot located in the Los Padres National Forest and is operated by the federal government. There are definitely some low tunnels and it’s a bit hard to maneuver in there, so I would not recommend this place for larger rigs or 5th wheels. In fact, I even ripped my awning off pulling in to camp, and I am really kicking myself!

Tending to my self-inflicted wounds.

The website says the spot we were in could accommodate a 40′ RV, but I wouldn’t trust what is on the website. That said, if you have a smaller travel trailer, a popup, a hybrid, a tear drop, roof top tent, OG tent, or even a Class B/C, then this one would still be for you!

If you can make it in, then you are definitely rewarded. The spots themselves are nice and big and you get some good separation from your neighbors. Each spot has a grill, a fire pit, and a picnic table, which is very nice.

However, the best part is that most of the spots back onto the creek, which was flowing nicely in January 2020. We had a lot of fun playing on the creek, hiking over the rocks and trees, and just enjoying the nature. The kids in particular had a really fun time down there and there aren’t any deep spots, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting swept away or drowning!

This is also a really good family-friendly campground. There were a ton of campers with kids and dogs and everybody was out playing, exploring, walking dogs, and having fun! Apparently, there are also a lot of amazing hikes in the area. At the visitor center, there were at least 4 waterfall hikes that they had posted, so there’s definitely a lot more to see. It’s also fairly close to town, so you can access stores, diesel/gas, etc within about 15 minutes.

They sell firewood on site and the camp hosts were very nice to us! They even let us leave the remains of our awning there and said they would dispose of it for me, which was a huge relief because we had no idea how we were going to get that baby home!

Overall, we had a really fun time at Wheeler Gorge! I was super bitter a lot of the weekend because I was kicking myself for damaging the trailer, but Nadia and the kids got me out of my funk and even I ended up having a blast. Very relaxing and peaceful, and we ended up cooking a lot of great food and spending some nice quality time together, and THAT is #WhyWeWork!

See you on the next adventure!

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