RV Boondocking Tips

We have been trying to do a lot more boondocking because it is nice to get away from everything, and these RV Resorts are really starting to add up on our pocketbook!

But, there’s a LOT more to remember and keep in mind when you are boondocking because you don’t have access to water or power and you have to be a lot more conscious of how you manage your fresh, gray, and black tanks. This is our list of some of the items that may be helpful for those RV newbies or people who are just getting into boondocking in their RV like us.

Solar Heated Camp Shower: https://amzn.to/2n12Vh5

The first is a solar heated camp shower, which is ideal for helping you manage your gray tank, which seems to be the biggest challenge for us when we boondock. With this, you can do all of your hand washing, dishes, and even military showers outside and keep all that water from going into your tank so that you can ultimately boondock for longer periods of time. It actually heats up quite well in direct sunlight and is under $10 to buy. We just take it inside to fill from our fresh tank and then hang it out in the sun for whenever we need to wash up. Then, we have all the space in our gray tank for taking actual showers, which really maximizes the tanks.

Battery Operated Fan: https://amzn.to/2lqZlML

The next item is to get yourself a good battery operated fan. When you don’t have hookups, you’re not able to run your AC or even the overhead fan, and chances are, you’re camping in an area where it might be hot. Having a simple little fan that you can still use on batteries is a huge lifesaver for keeping cool while you are camping and don’t have any power.

6V Golf Cart Batteries: https://amzn.to/2mYhnGP

If you’re really serious about getting into boondocking, then you will probably want to consider upgrading your battery bank. Typically, the new RVs come with a basic 100ah marine battery. They tend to be junk and don’t hold a long charge and they’re easy to damage as a result because you can draw them down below 50% a lot quicker than you think, which makes them hold a charge even less/worse. 6V golf cart batteries are true deep cycle batteries, meaning they are better at keeping pace with the demand and hold a much better charge. We went with the U.S. Battery, which has been outranking the Trojans for several years now. We have the install videos up for anybody who wants to install 2 (as we did initially) as well as when we upgraded them to a pack of 4.

Family Games Set: https://amzn.to/2n43CGi

If you haven’t boondocked a lot, the other thing to remember is that there generally are a lot fewer options for entertainment. TV can generally work on 12V, but unlike when you’re at the RV Resorts, there aren’t any pools, or playgrounds, or other types of amenities, so you’re going to want to bring your own entertainment! That’s actually one of the things we really love about boondocking–you end up spending a lot more quality family time because there aren’t a million other kids and families for your kids to run off with and keep themselves occupied. This little game set is perfect because it has a variety of different ones and we always have a lot of fun with it. We also like to bring books and puzzles to keep ourselves busy. The point is, find something you all enjoy doing together as a family and keep it socked away for times like this when you want to entertain the fam.

Camping Hammock: https://amzn.to/2n65o9T

Lastly, and this one is just for fun, but get yourself a nice cheap hammock! You go out boondocking, not only to have that family time, but to get out in nature, see the sights, and enjoy this beautiful country that we are lucky enough to call home and even more lucky to be able to explore in our RV with the ones that matter most. What better way to do that then in a super comfy hammock stretched out between some trees in a place with amazing views and no neighbors. It really adds to the enjoyment of the trip and we highly recommend.

At the end of the day, boondocking is just an extension of your basic RV Camping, and these things can help make the transition for the newbies like us that much easier. Either way, as long as you’re getting out there and making those memories with the ones that matter most, then you’re doing it right and THAT is #WhyWeWork!

See you on the next adventure!!

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