Lindy’s Landing & Campground

Some friends from 4H recommended Lindy’s Landing & Campground to us, so we went over to check it out a few weeks ago in Reedley, CA. This was a really nice little campground that is right on the Kings River between Visalia and Fresno and we had a lot of fun there!

The spots are very big–way bigger than we are used to, in fact. Plus, they back up to either the lagoon or the river itself, which was a huge bonus!! The sites have full hookups and both 30A and 50A electricity, so if you come during the summer and need to run both of your ACs, then they have you covered!

They also have a nice picnic table and a lot of trees giving good shade throughout the day. You are allowed to have fires there, but the sites do not have a fire ring, so just make sure to bring your own. They do have a lot of living space to hang out around camp, so we had a gaming area, a dedicated place to bbq all week, and we also spread blankets out on the grass next to the lagoon and just chilled out there. We felt super spoiled!

They also have a lot of sites that are not on the water, but they are all good size and it’s only a short walk to the river no matter where you camp. We were there when they had dammed up some of the water so the lagoon was dry and the river was low, but there was still plenty of water to play around in and our kids had a lot of fun building some islands in the sandbars and we even caught a couple of rainbow trout!

They have some playground activities for the kids with a see-saw, tether ball, volleyball, and basketball courts, and a lot of room for the kids to run and ride bikes. We did all of the above and also enjoyed just building some puzzles and playing games with the kids around camp!

Plus, we always have a really good time just sitting by the fire and hanging out!

The other thing we did this trip was to try out a lot of cool new camp cooking meals. We will have videos coming on some of those soon, but the ones that came out really good were the pork belly burnt ends, which I was super scared to screw up, but actually came out soooo good! We also did a smoked pork butt, some brisket hash and eggs for breakfast, the traditional bacon and eggs, some pork fried rice over the blackstone, and some lamb chops on the blackstone, which are always a hit.

The campground itself is really nice. They have new owners and apparently it wasn’t that nice before, but the new owner has clearly put some money into the place and they keep it clean, well maintained, and landscaped. Plus, it’s right on the river. Everyone was really friendly, it was nice and quiet, and there are plenty of things to do to keep yourself busy! The location is great and being able to camp on a river that you can actually go play around in is hard to beat.

It is only about 2 hours and 20 minutes from the Central Coast, so it will be accessible to folks from there all the way down to about the LA area and up to maybe Sacramento for a good weekend trip. If you’re coming from farther away than that, you probably want to save this one for a long weekend.

We had a lot of fun and made some more quality memories with the ones that matter most and THAT is #WhyWeWork. We can highly recommend this one and will definitely be going back again next year! If you want to see more, check out our video n YouTube for all of the action. See you on the next adventure!!

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