Coloma Resort on the American River

We finally made it to our postponed reservation to the much-hyped Coloma Resort on the South Fork of the American River. What an amazing campground!

This one took us about 6-7 hours towing the trailer to reach from the Central Coast. You head up the 5 and then cut over just north of Stockton and South of Sacramento. Not much to see driving up the 5, but gets a lot more scenic as you turn off towards the mountains.

This one is going to be perfect for the families out there because there are so many fun things to do. You can use your rafts/tubes to put in at the north end of the camp and then float all the way down to the historic Coloma Bridge. The water was rushing a little too fast/our kids were still a bit too young for the river this trip, but a super cool feature if you’ve got strong swimmers. There is a million places to drop a line if you’re into fishing. We didn’t actually catch anything, but there’s got to be a ton of fish around.

The other cool thing is that they have a lot of activities for the kids. They have 2 good sized playgrounds that are well maintained as well as a cute little shaved ice business that they’re running out of a vintage Airstream trailer. Last but not least, there was a really nice pool and the kids spent most of the long weekend in there. Very clean and well kept, and we were in a spot that was right across the street–BONUS!

The campground itself is super cool and all decorated in an 1840s gold mining style. They had a bunch of old mining buildings and town halls and jails etc to explore around in. The place has a very nice General Store too, where they are selling sandwiches, float tubes, fishing gear, fire wood, and most of the other necessities and fun-to-have items you could want.

In terms of the spots, you have a few options. We got stuck in a full hookup, no shade spot because it was a reschedule of an earlier reservation and that was the only spot left for the weekend we could go. The FHU spots are nice and big: we have a 33′ Rockwood bunkhouse, but we could have easily fit in a larger TT, 5er, or Class A. The one caveat is that you need to make it across the Historic Coloma Bridge, which only has about a 13’2″ clearance. One guy even had to pull the AC off of his 5er in order to make it across, but most TTs, and Class Cs shouldn’t have any issues and even the 5er eventually made it across!

They have both 50A and 30A service at the full hookup spots, so those of you with 2 ACs are covered. At each spot, you also get a nice picnic table, fire pit, and even a canopy for shade, which I haven’t seen in many other places.

The other option you have is to go for a river front site, which is what we would recommend. They are only partial hookup, so no sewer, but they do have a dump station right in the camp, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The trade-off is that you get those incredible views as you basically back right up to the river bank. Get to hear all of those nice rushing river sounds. That’s when it would be great to still have a hybrid!! A lot of people just left their own little “beach” area directly down from their rig set up the whole time and would just go back and forth from swimming and then up to camp for lunch and back. Those are the ones we’re going to get next time.

They had a big retro camper club there the weekend we visited and it was also cool to check out all of the vintage trailers and rigs pulling them. Some of our best friends in the entire world came out to camp with us and brought their cute little baby girl with them, and that made the trip even more fun. We made a lot of good food, enjoyed some of our favorite activities, and made more memories with the ones that matter most. THAT is always #WhyWeWork!

Highly recommend this place if you are looking for a new, fun place to take your RV. We will definitely be going back.

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