Smoking Tri Tip on a Weber

We have really been enjoying smoking different kinds of meat on the Weber Kettle grill, but this is our very first try doing a Tri Tip.

Original Weber Kettle:
Chimney Starter:
Wood Chips:
Smoker Box:

Overall, it came out OK, but I need some tips from you all on how long you smoke your tri tip for, what internal temperature you are shooting for, and anything else we can do to step up our game!

Camping meals and camping recipes are always fun to try, and we really enjoy cooking at the campsite! I think this could eventually be one of our best camping recipes, but we just need another shot at perfecting it. The brisket and ribs we have been doing are coming out awesome and these are some of our favorite meal ideas, but we just wanted to branch out to keep it interesting.

There are still a lot of different camp food and camp meals that we still want to try out as well, but the nice thing about smoking meat is that it is easy camp food and once you get everything set up, you don’t have to do much besides keeping an eye on your meat. AND, it is a very kid friendly meal because the kids love to eat BBQ!

I love our Blackstone and our gas grill, but cooking on the original Weber always makes it a lot more fun and you feel more accomplished when it comes out right. If you are looking for new camp recipe ideas, try to give this one a shot and let us know how you get on. We’ll keep trying, but at least we got out there and made some more memories with the ones that matter most–that’s #WhyWeWork!

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