Lake Nacimiento Resort

Lake Nacimiento Resort is an amazing RV Campground on California’s Central Coast. If you are looking for a good spot to do some RV camping in California, you should consider giving this one a shot!

Giant Inflatable Mat:

The campground itself is pretty big and there are several different loops. We were in Oak Knoll, which had full hookup sites so we were able to keep our AC cranked the whole time. That was good because it got pretty hot over 4th of July. The spots are pretty good size, but they definitely vary from site to site. Oak Knoll 707 had a good amount of space, but there wasn’t much in the one next door, so plan ahead.

So nice to find some good California camping so close to home. We want to start venturing out more, but to be able to have so much fun with California RV Camping so close to home is nice to have in your back pocket.

The price is definitely reasonable, and to be able to not only be able to do some RV Lake Camping, but also have a swim lake that you can actually get into is EPIC. Highly recommend this California Campground, especially if you are looking to do some Central Coast camping or go check out the wineries in Paso Robles, which is very close by. There are a lot of RV Parks in Paso Robles, but this one has got to be one of the most affordable!

We jumped off of a bunch of different cliffs (and I am NOT into cliff jumping) and it was so nice to have our own cove right next to Oak Knoll. We fished and putted around on our inflatables and just generally kicked back. We also went down to the beach several days and relaxed on our giant inflatable mat, which is the absolute best buy on Amazon!

This is also a great option for camping with kids or if you are looking for a kid friendly campground in California. Again, there isn’t a ton of amenities for the kids, but with all of the water activities, I can still call this kid friendly camping.

You are allowed to have fires, but you need to bring your own fire pit. The sites also have a picnic table and a grill to use as well. They were also flat, so we didn’t need to do a lot of leveling! In terms of lake camping where you can swim, this is some of the best RV camping in California even if it isn’t THE best campground in California.

Did a lot of grilling, snuck in a few adult beverages, and put a lot of fun memories in the bank in our Rockwood 2706ws. Every time we go out in this thing, we fall in love with it more and more. Super excited for the next trip, but we will definitely be coming back to this one again. Got that quality time in with the ones that matter most, and THAT is #WhyWeWork!

See you on the next adventure!

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