Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is one of the best camping breakfast ideas because it is quick and easy, and the kids love to eat it. We always make it with breakfast sausage, and there are only a few ingredients that you need!

We start off by browning off the sausage. Then you throw in your all purpose flour and cook that off along with an initial seasoning. We use the Penzy’s Breakfast Sausage seasoning along with some Trader Joe’s Every Day seasoning, but you can use whatever you want. After that cooks down into a rue, add your milk and let it simmer until it gets to the consistency you like. You can always thin it down with more milk. For the biscuits, we just used the Grands and did those in the oven of the Rockwood 2706ws.

We cook most of our meals on our Blackstone Tailgater (, which we really love because the grill side can be used as a burner for all different kinds of camping recipe ideas or camping meals where you need a pot or a pan. We also love the griddle side too, just didn’t need it for this one.

Camp cooking is always one of the most fun parts of camping for us. We usually take it slow in the mornings and enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice big camp breakfast to start the day off right! If you have any good camping breakfast recipes (or any camping recipes for that matter), hit us up on our FB to let us know—we need ideas for new camping food to try.

We are always suckers for a good, simple eggs and bacon, but this is a fun one to keep in your rotation! Getting out there and making good food while you spend time with the ones that matter most, creating those memories which will be worth way more than any money you ever earn is 100% #WhyWeWork!

See you on the next adventure!

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