Rockwood 2706ws 1-Year Update

We’ve owned our Rockwood Ultra Lite 2706ws for exactly 1 year in now, and we are still over the moon with our bunkhouse travel trailer!

Of course, there are still some things that we would change if we had the chance! We wanted to share the pros and the cons in case any of our subscribers are in the market or are considering this model. We also share a few of our recommended upgrades to really step up your travel trailer quality of life.

Let’s start off with the pros:

  1. Front Pass-Through Storage: The #1 feature we love is the pass-through storage. The Rockwood comes with a drop-frame, i-beam design that really opens up that front compartment. We keep everything in there from chairs, grills, electrical cable, hoses, sewer stuff, our sign, tools, and a few other things and we still have a ton of room left for more!
  2. Interior Storage (Both Upper Cabinets and Garage): In addition to having a massive pass-through, it also has more interior storage than the comparable Grand Design or Cougar. Neither had cabinets above the dinette or sofa. The 2706ws also has a “garage” under the bottom bunk, which flips up for storing bikes or other large items!
  3. Wardrobe Slide: One thing the Grand Design definitely does not have is the wardrobe slide. In addition to just the “normal” storage for your stuff, the wardrobe slide is a huge bonus and we are able to store all of our clothes and all of the kids clothes in there so we don’t have stuff in bags or suitcases in the TT!
  4. Outside Refrigerator: While we aren’t the biggest fans of the outside kitchen overall, as we have a grill and the hotplate just sin’t something that we ever use, the outside kitchen is a huge bonus. Definitely not one of those items that we would consider essential, but being able to have cold drinks on hand outside and not have to use the main fridge for drinks storage is one of those luxuries that we really appreciate!
  5. 1 Entrance: This one is subjective, but we are glad the 2706ws only has 1 entrance. By not having a door into the bedroom, we are not able to access the bedroom with the slides in. However, that also gives us more cabinet space in the kitchen, which was more important to us. We park ours in the driveway, so we can slide the slides out when we need to pack up, so we appreciate having more storage space!
  6. Tons of Tank Space: The size of the tanks are way bigger than in our Jayco hybrid. We have 45 gallons for our black tank, 60 gallons of fresh water, and a massive 90 gallons of gray water storage. This lets us do much longer boondocking trips and at this point, our fresh water is the limiting factor, so we can get 5-7 days of good quality (minimal rationing) boondocking in before we need to find water and a place to dump! Big bonus!
  7. Front Window: This one is a small thing, but we have found that we really enjoy having that window in the bedroom. We have done some epic beach and mountain camping lately, and being able to see amazing views right from the comfort of your own bed is pretty amazing. It won’t make or break the decision either way, but if given the choice, it just sweetens the deal of the rig we already liked!
  8. Step Above Steps: Our unit came stock with the Mor-Ryde Step Above Steps. These are much nicer to use than the regular RV steps that you see out there. In addition to that though, they also make the trailer a lot more stable when you are parked. I have a good amount of body weight and that no longer wrenches on the frame when I go in and out, so that is a nice little feature that we definitely love about the 2706ws.
  9. 2X 30lbs. Propane Tanks: In addition to having a lot of tank storage, we also have 60lbs. of propane on board, which means that we can safely cook and heat our rig for about a week without really having to conserve. We are still just weekend warriors and not full-timers, so we rarely get a chance to spend more than 7 days in a row in our rig anyway, so this is just what we need to do more of the camping that we like best!
  10. Gigantic Awning: This rig also has a huge awning that spans almost the entire length of the trailer and sticks out quite a good ways. Casts a lot more shade than our old trailer and the fact that it is electric means I never have to crank anything or even use any energy!

In addition to the things that came standard on the trailer, we have also done a few things here and there that really upgrade the livability of the Rockwood 2706ws. We have reviewed most of these things individually, so we won’t rehash those entire discussions here again, but here is a list of the things that we are really glad we spent the $$ on.

Recommended Upgrades
JT Strong Arm Stabilizers:
Fridge Insect Screens:
Furnace Insect Screens:
Screen Door Handle Bar:
MaxxAir Vent Covers:
Golf Cart Batteries:
X-Chocks Stabilizers:
Zinus Mattress:

Finally, even though we love the unit, there are some things that we would change if given the chance:

  1. Kitchen on Wrong Side of TT: If I had my druthers, every RV (not just this one) would put the kitchen and big windows on the side of the RV that actually faces your camp. 99.99% of campsites are back in with the living area off of the passenger side. I love the big windows, but it would be better to look out onto my site vs. into my neighbor’s living space!
  2. Kids Mattresses Leave Lots to be Desired: If you ever have to sleep in one of the bunks with your kids, you will notice immediately that they aren’t the most comfortable. They are a weird size so finding a mattress to replace them with will be tough, but they definitely need some kind of a topper or something. The kids never really complain, but when my wife lays down to snuggle with them, she says its pretty brutal.
  3. Sink Fell Out: You can go back and watch our sink repair video, and fortunately, this is a very easy issue to fix. That being said, when you spend this kind of money on an RV, it isn’t unreasonable to assume that major appliance/fixtures actually stay attached to the rig. Not a deal breaker, but definitely a heads-up on this one.
  4. Shower Miser Sucks: I love the idea of a Shower Miser to help you conserve water when you’re dry camping. However, on a recent trip where we used a ton of LP to heat up shower water, I realized that I’m more interested in conserving the energy than I am the water. For my money, it would be better to have just a regular cut-off valve that let you keep your knobs adjusted where you want them, but NOT pump the heated water back into the fresh tank. Then I just have to burn even more LP to reheat the water again… Nice idea, but could have saved a ton of $$ by just putting in a simple cut-off.
  5. No Use for Outdoor Hotplate: We never cook on a hot plate at home and when we are in the RV, we always use the grill, smoker, or the stove inside the unit. I would be just as happy if the hot plate was just a straight-up shelf to do food prep on because we never use the actual “kitchen” part of it…
  6. Frameless Windows Aren’t All That: Although we really love the look of the Frameless Windows, they aren’t necessarily super functional. In our Jayco, the windows would open almost all the way up so you would get a good cross breeze coming through. With the frameless, you can get a little air, but so far, I feel like we have used the AC and whole house fan more than we did in the past because you don’t get much breeze inside.
  7. No Receiver Hitch: This last one is a small gripe, but it would be nice if there was a nice receiver hitch tied into the frame on the back of the camper so we could mount bikes or a cargo rack on there without worrying. This is a fairly easy upgrade to do and I will likely tackle it fairly soon, but it would be nice to have standard since these trailers don’t come cheap.

That is our list of the things that we love, and some of the things that we would change about the Rockwood Ultra Lite 2706ws Bunkhouse Travel Trailer. Overall, we are still over the moon with it, but it is important to acknowledge that no rig is perfect so you need to make sure to go in eyes wide open. That being said, we highly recommend this model if you have small kids and a decent amount of towing capacity. In addition to having several key features that the other brands did not, the fit and finish and overall craftsmanship on the Rockwood has really impressed me so far after coming from a Jayco.

We hope this information helps you make the best decision and to get the right rig for your family and lifestyle. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what rig that you get. All that matters is that you get a unit that works for you. If you’re out there appreciating life and making those memories with the ones that matter most, then you’re winning in my book–and THAT’S #WhyWeWork!

See you on the next adventure!

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